Contact Us

If you have any questions about Daughters of the King in the Diocesan Assembly of Central Florida, please feel free to contact any of our representatives listed below. We are eager to find ways to better serve our members.

Officers and Chairs

President Nadine Craig [email protected]
1st Vice President (Membership Chair) Nancy Kelly [email protected]
2nd Vice President (The Flame, Editor) Linda Anselmini [email protected]
Recording Secretary Marie Hunsaker [email protected]
Corresponding Secretary Terry Deer [email protected]
Treasurer Sue McIlrath [email protected]

Board Appointed Members

Board Advisor Krisita Jackson [email protected]
Chaplain Fr. William “Bill” H. Smith [email protected]
Daughters at Large Chair Lauri Stone [email protected]
Central Deanery Jillian “Jill” Chester [email protected]
Northeast Deanery Betty MacDonald [email protected]
Northwest Deanery Cathy Allen [email protected]
Southeast Deanery Barbara Hallam [email protected]
Southwest Deanery Ellen Underwood [email protected]
Historian Photographer  Deacon Debbie Buechner, 
Stephanie Schingle
[email protected]
[email protected]
Junior Daughters  Jamie Roberts, Co-Chair, 
Terri Clifton, Co-Chair
[email protected]
[email protected]
National Funds Chair Nancy Kelly [email protected]
Outreach Chair Margaret Roberts [email protected]
IT Coordinator Ginger Atwood [email protected]